2 titles from The Future Dawns (Chappell Recorded Music Library CHAP AV146)

2 titles from Soundtracks for Drama (Chappell Recorded Music Library CHAP AV164)

4 titles from The Piano (Chappell Recorded Music Library CHAP 223)

28 Magic Mushrooms Later from Marked Cards by The KOSH Dance Theatre

Tango from Cafe Chaos by The KOSH Dance Theatre

Shaft In Acton from Acid Jazz & Other Illicit Grooves album, co-written with Simon Emerson



Production Music (Library)

Art installation

3 extracts from Molecules, performance art piece for three dancers wearing balloons and concealed bluetooth loudspeakers (the dancers' speakers synchronised but each transmitting a different layer of each piece), by Francesc Serra Vila at Tribe17, London International Art Festival, Oxo Tower Wharf, Nov 2017


Yellowbone by Samantha Dube - site specific promenade production exploring issues surrounding skin bleaching. Croydon, S. London, Sept 2017

Work-in-progress - experimental/electronic

Being–or remaining? Ambient track exploring memory fragments extracted from cassette tape

Towards It 1 & 2 Created on a late '60s Wurlitzer electric piano through an assortment of pedals inc. ring modulator, Space Echo, Barber distortion, EHX looper, Q-Tron auto wah, EHX Superego

Made In Heaven from SPA album, co-written with Simon Toulson-Clarke and Phill Brown

Moving from Motive album by Red Box, co-written with Simon Toulson-Clarke

Cry from Heaven album by Sarah Jane Morris, co-written with Sarah Jane Morris

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